Automatic crawler for web sites

Collect data from web without specific knowledge, using simple interface

Parsing scheme
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Service can be used by users without programming knowledge due to easy and friendly interface

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It will take your some minutes to create parsing scheme and collect data from simple site

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A lot of additional options for fine-tuning allows advanced users create difficult parsings

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Cost of one page crawling starts from 0.01$. No subscriptions. Pay only for real service using

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Follow for crawling process in real-time to know how much time remained for process

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Built in browser

No requiring installation extensions for browsers or programs on PC, all you needs is the modern browser

Three steps to collect data

Web crawling is the process of collecting data from web pages. Our service allow create your own crawler by easy way, using simple interface. You only should execute 3 steps.

Choose example of page

You should load one page with data you want to collect. For example, if you needs to store data about products, load page with one of product.

Page loading step

Create parsing scheme

Now you tell to program what data you want to load. It looks like you says "This is title" and click for title, "This is price" and click for price. In real time mode you can see excepted output.

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Choose pages to collect

At the final step needs to select pages, which should be parsed. List of pages loaded to this window automatically, you should only check required pages by checkbox or special mask for filtering.

Page selecting step

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